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tldr; about me is that I'm one of four, and a daughter to immigrant parents who escaped the Vietnam war. Thanks to them, I call Australia home.For this, I'm forever grateful.Thanks to the opportunities I had in my own education, I'm a believer that learning is the ticket to building the life you want - whatever that may be. As such, I've dedicated my life to education; to helping people learn and others teach.How I can help you:Course building - you're an expert wanting to build a course and don't know where to start
Bespoke corporate training - you're in coorporate and are looking go build awesome trainings for your teams
Educators - you're an educator looking for a fellow teaching nerd to brainstorm with
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I wake up everyday feeling grateful and energised. I get to meet incredible people and do work that helps spread a bit of education love around the world. My family is healthy and happy. Can't ask for anymore than that.
After being out of the classroom for a few years, I was missing teaching & being around students. So I decided to start a little online tutoring business after work. Built fully off the back off a tiktok account, I'm lucky to have a group of students who want to hang out with me for 2024.
I recently transitioned from writing high school textbooks to helping manage them as a PM for a publishing company. Still a lot to learn but it's been awesome.
Things I'm pondering
• starting a newsletter/podcast. I've had an idea for a little while to start a podcast to spread the message of 'yeah you can'.
• how do I bring more value?
• where do I want to focus my time and with who?

My (mis)adventures

My whole life, I've followed my nose. As a result, I've had many random adventures. Here are some of them..

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